Takeaways are not the end of the world, even more than once a week…


Just in case you think we are having wonderfully homemade dinners every night, let me assure you we are not!! This week I have had 3 nights in a row of takeaways!!

I am a big believer that everything is in moderation. On Wednesday night, my eldest daughter (Miss 20, who is vegetarian) was at her boyfriends, so it was just my youngest and I for dinner… we had rump steak, Birds Eye frozen curly fries, and fried eggs. It was delicious 😉

Steak Eggs and Chips

Last night Miss20 decided she was in charge for dinner, so she bought curry and rice for her and her boyfriend, Subway for her baby sister, and Noodle Canteen for me (sweet and sour pork on fried rice with extra veges).

Tonight, Miss20 decided at 5:30pm that she wasn’t home for dinner (again) so she bought me McDonalds, as Miss 5 decided (at lunchtime) that she wanted noodles and a poached egg for dinner (I was planning a coffee for dinner).


And then tonight – Saturday – Miss 5 and I had to go to Palmerston North in the mid-afternoon with a friend.  On the way home, my friend wanted to stop at a particular takeaway shop to get dinner for herself and her family.  At this particular takeaway shop, you can get 2 incredible burgers for $5, and a large Chicken Friend Rice for $5.50
As it is just Miss 5 and I here for dinner again tonight (Miss 20 is at work), and Miss 5 was fading very fast (she hasn’t been too well lately), I made the executive decision to have Chicken Fried Rice for dinner.

Chicken Fried Rice

Just as well though, because we got home at 5:20pm tonight and Miss 5 had put herself to bed by 6:15pm.  At least I know that she has had a reasonable meal.

So, don’t ever feel guilty about choosing the easy option sometimes for your families dinners. The secret is to make these occasional dinners (and takeaways a few times in a week, when you go 2 – 3 months between takeaways, is still occasionally).

Back to proper meals tomorrow night 😉


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