I love a good Steak Sandwich!


The weather today was fine and warm(ish), and made me think of BBQ weather. Almost.

My eldest daughter was not home for dinner, so that meant that Miss 5 and I could indulge in our love of steak…  Miss 5 chose Steak, Egg and Chips for dinner…

I chose a Steak Sandwich.  These can be quite inexpensive to make, if you shop wisely.  I buy my specialty bread from a local supermarket when it is Day-old and half price.  A large ciabatta loaf cost me $1.75 (and I have used half of the loaf here); avocados are currently 2 for $4; the bacon I buy as “ends” for less than $6 for a kilo *great for putting into soup, or cooking up as you cook dinner and snacking on – oops! don’t tell my kids*; I buy Rump steak quite often, and when it is $12.99/kilo  – or even better $9.99/kilo – I can get a decent amount for a small cost.  The steak in this recipe I purchased today for $2.66 (is on special for $12.99/kg)

A good steak sandwich is hearty, filling, and feels like a BBQ on steroids.

I always cook my steak in a dry frypan with a covering of salt on the pan.  I find this adds to the flavour, and doesn’t make it dry out either.  The secret is to get your pan really really hot.

This is what you will need:

Steak Sandwich ingredients

A piece of nice steak (I prefer rump steak as I find it full of flavour, not too much sinew,and a good layer of fat), sear the fat strip well first before laying the steak on it’s first side; cooked to medium rare, removed from heat and rested for as long as it cooked, then fat strip removed and the meat sliced on an angle in pieces approx 1/2 cm thick

Ciabatta or turkish pide bread, split in half and lightly toasted

half an onion, sliced thinly, then fried in the fat/salt after the steak has been cooked.

bacon, baked until cooked

tomato sauce, or chutney

sliced cheese

sliced tomato




Assemble from the bottom up…

TSauce on Ciabatta

Tomato sauce or chutney onto the toasted unbuttered ciabatta or pide.

Steak Sandwich Onions

Then the onions, scattered evenly over the sauce.

Steak Sandwich Bacon


Steak Sandwich Steak

Sliced steak

Steak Sandwich Melted Cheese

Cheese, put under the grill until melted and bubbling

Steak Sandwich Tomato

Sliced tomato

Steak Sandwich Lettuce


Avocado on the top piece followed by some mayonnaise.  Sandwich together and serve with a side of oven fries and a cold beverage.

Steak Sandwich Complete with chips



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