When fresh fish is inexpensive…


Most days when I am thinking in the morning about what we are going to have for dinner, I have to consider that Miss 20 is vegetarian (well, mostly vegetarian: she can eat fish, lamb, and a small (very small) amount of chicken), so rather than making a separate meal for her and a separate meal for Miss 5 and I, I would rather have a meal that we can all eat, even if that means that the protein part is switched out for something else (for Miss 20).

This week (and next), fresh hoki at New World is inexpensive, only $9.99/kg this week, so there have been a few meals this week (and will be next week too hahaha) with fresh fish.

Tonight, I decided to make a fish curry with the fresh Hoki I bought today, and the Roi Thai Penang Curry Sauce I got in the Black Box a few months back.  I am always a bit cautious when it comes to curry sauces, as I am not a fan of heat over flavour, and Miss 5 likes mild ones.

So I chose to make Miss 5 a separate Korma Curry which I know she likes and will eat: this just involved frying off some korma paste and adding some coconut cream, so not creating a completely different meal.

Fish Penang Curry ingredients

Because Hoki is a relatively delicate fish, it does tend to fall apart a bit as it cooks, even though I had it cut into fairly large chunks.  I added some carrot and whole green beans as well.

The curry sauce is coconut cream based, but it does have tangy lemongrass and chilli in there as well.  The sauce starts off quite mild and flavoursome, with the tang of the lemongrass and the smoothness of the coconut.  There is a faint peanuttiness, and the ingredients contain shrimp so there is a delicate fishiness.  And then the heat hits the back of your mouth.  It is definitely a medium curry; however Miss 20 (who usually likes curry) struggled with the amount of the heat, almost overpowering the rest of the  flavours of the curry.  Miss 5 loved her curry though and ate the lot!  Miss 20 and I, however, gave it a good go, but the heat from the curry beat us…


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