Sometimes, simple dinners are the best.


Tonight, my eldest is out with her boyfriend at the movies, and so it is just Miss 5 and I for dinner.  We have had a good day, we washed the car and a few other outdoor items, and other than that it has been pretty cruisy.  Miss 5 has a grotty cold and cough again (urgh), so I wanted something easy and simple for dinner…

So we had Omelettes with shredded ham, diced tomato, grated cheese.  I also had fried onion and diced avocado in mine, but not Miss 5’s.

Omelette with ham cheese and tomato

I have the most fool-proof recipe for omelettes.  It is a recipe from a chef who was on Oprah many years ago and taught her his recipe.  I have never had a failure with it since.

For every egg, use 1 tablespoon water (this way, you can make an omelette with one, two, or three eggs).

This recipe is for 2 eggs.

2 eggs

2 T water

dash of salt

good grinding of black pepper

1 T butter

Fillings (grated cheese, diced tomato, shredded ham/bacon, previously fried onion rings/slices,  etc etc )

Beat eggs, water, salt and pepper well in a bowl.  In a small frypan (7 – 10″ diametre), heat butter until melted and foaming.  Swirl around the pan and put back on heat.  When foaming again, pour in the eggs.  Let sit for a few minutes until the base starts to set. Using a wooden spatula, gently push the egg from the outer edges to the centre, and allow the liquid egg to *fill* the space.  When there is no more liquid egg, start filling half of the omelette, and then carefully flip the other side over the filling.  Using a fish-slice, gently slide the omelette onto a plate (or put a plate upside down over the pan, and quickly invert the pan and plate to flip the omelette onto the plate).



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