Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!


It’s been a few days since I last posted about our meals and my cooking.  Not because we haven’t been eating (and I haven’t been cooking), but purely because we have been busy and it has seemed a bit like “same old same old”.  I am sure that all families go through that Groundhog Day repetition.

Wednesdays, in our family, are Pippins days.  So the routine after school is get home, have something to eat and drink, get Pippins uniform on, and then out the door for Pippins for 4 o’clock.  Pippins goes for an hour, during which time I am prepping dinner, so that when Miss T has gotten home just after 5pm, she can have a shower, get into her jammies, have dinner, and then off to bed, in a timely manner.

Today has been absolutely glorious: blue cloudless skies, relatively warm in the sunshine, no breeze.  We are still in Winter though, so it is dark shortly after 6pm, and hearty meals are still welcome.

Tonight’s dinner was roasted chicken drumsticks (a great fast and inexpensive alternative to a whole roast chicken), McCormick Italian Herb Roasted Potatoes (yes you can see some cubes of orange kumara in there too), broccoli and carrots.  I also heated up a Bisto Chicken Gravy (if you have the chance to go to a Reduced To Clear shop, do so: I spent just over $30 in one a couple of months ago, which has allowed me to supplement our meals with bits and pieces from packets and tins, for variety).

winner winner chicken dinner.jpg


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