Because sometimes, it is a breakfast kinda night…

Yesterday, we didn’t “cook” dinner as such.  I had a BLAT on toast; Miss E had LAT on toast; and Miss T had a lamb chop, chips and veges.  Just because.

But Miss T saw me cooking bacon, and decided that for dinner tonight (as Miss E was out) was going to be bacon, sausages, hash browns and eggs.  I added fried portobello mushrooms as well (because, well, I love them) to mine.

It has been a long, emotional week for the first week of the school holidays.  So I am very glad to see the end of it.

So this is what we had for dinner.  And my drink was a smoothie made from coconut milk icecubes (freeze coconut milk in icecube trays, store in the freezer in zip lock bags), Baileys, Nescafe Salted Caramel Coffee stick, and milk.  Perfect.


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  1. cmac2015 says:

    I have a similar dinner some Fridays and with the addition of black pudding 🙂


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