A naughty treat…


In the last week or so, I have been reading on message boards and seeing on Facebook, that Lewis Road Creamery, the purveyors of the Whittakers Chocolate Milk craze from a couple of years ago and the more recent OOB Strawberry Milk launch,  have a new product.  Chocolate Butter.  To say I was intrigued is probably an understatement.

Being Lewis Road Creamery, where a 300ml bottle of flavoured milk runs to about $3.70 at the supermarket, I knew that the product would be comparatively expensive for a relatively small amount.

I was correct.

My local supermarket – New World – has this in the cold shelf for $8.49 for 200gm.

Immediately, I knew that although I would purchase one pot of this latest offering, due to the cost, I would be very unlikely to buy any more.

So, on Monday, I purchased the little golden pot of deliciousness.


And oh my goodness.  What deliciousness it is, indeed!

40% of the concoction is butter.  Which leaves the remaining 60% to be the Whittakers 72% Dark Ghana chocolate.  There are none of the fillers used by Nutella: no palm oil, no crushed nuts, no milk powder, no low-fat cocoa powder.  It is just butter and chocolate.  Almost chocolate ganache.

That little pot sat untouched for an entire day, before I chose to spread some on my twice-toasted Vogels bread.  Immediately, the butter and chocolate started to soften and melt into my toast, however unlike just butter, the chocolate sits on top of the slice, not soaking through the entirety.

The first taste was like licking melted chocolate off your fingers.  There was no other flavour than the chocolate.  The spread is not sweet, but it is very rich and decadent and smooth.  The dark chocolate lends itself to those who like the bittersweetness of true high cocoa solids dark chocolate, not the sweet confection of child-friendly versions.  I did, however, share some on a slice of toast with Miss T…  who also liked it, although because she has always had rather *adult* tastes anyway, I am not surprised.

My verdict?  A very adult decadence for when you feel a bit naughty, but still virtuous (high cocoa solids = antioxidents).  Will I buy more?  I won’t say “never”, but it won’t be on my weekly grocery list.  But I can definitely see this appearing in my fridge on those pre-menstrual weeks where chocolate forms a food group.

Now, if you will excuse me, I am off to have a late night chocolatey indulgence before bed.


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